The Drift Racer


Like to push your vehicle to the limits and often?!
The Drifting package is for the road warrior, the daily commuter that maneuvers their vehicle through tough traffic in all weather conditions but doesn’t allow food in their ride!

Vehicle Type * 

Ceramic wax

Intense shine and reflectiveness along with hydrophobic properties that has a two year life span. Excellent on darker colored vehicles. Comes with a one step polish.

Add Paint Correction

A one step paint correction to remove light to moderate imperfections such as swirling, micro-scratches, hazing, marring and scratches.

Premium Clay Bar

For daily drivers where the exterior has been neglected for a year or more.



  • Soft water pre-rinse
  • Strip wash contaminate removal
  • Sheep skin scrub with non-static polymer soap
  • Premium plush microfiber dry with anti-swirling lubricant
  • Windows and mirrors scrubbed with Stoners premium foam
  • Exterior body waxed with non-petroleum based dust repellent polymer wax
  • Exterior body sealed with Optimum paint sealant over wax coat (8 month life-span)
    Light interior vacuum of carpets
  • Rim face, brakes and calipers cleaned and refreshed with solution(s) that disolve brake dust, grime, tar and hard mineral dirt deposits.
  • Tires lubricated with non-silicone shine solution

Please note – Distance fee applies to anyone greater then 25 miles from 85023.