Infinity Q35 2007

This Infinity Q35 looked innocent enough but do not let it fool you, this car had an interior that of which only a parent with 3 kids would understand! This daily driver took parent and kids to and from school, sporting events and work. After odors and unsightly stains took their toll, they called us and we took on the project head on and let us tell you it was a feat!

Package used : Modified Grand Prix, the modifications included a vent system flush, steam cleaning, carpet shampooing with disinfectant, litter removal and stain removal.

We disinfected every button and knob, steam sprayed every crevice and completely restored the plastics on the entire dash and doors. It looks brand spanking new!

In the images below of the center transmission case and cup holders, you wouldn’t believe what showed up in a black light! Some critters made this there home, but we evicted them on the spot 🙂

We had to throw in the detail for our future Race Day customer!
This entire child seat was steam cleaned and disinfected with scent free hypo-allergenic shampoo and rapid dried.

We made sure to tidy up and put everything in a nice pile and bagged loose items before we started so we don’t destroy anything!