Rick Hatch Custom Detail

This gem needed much help to bring her back to her glory days. There were some nay sayers circling around Race Day as to what we can do for her to bring her back from traveling in the most harshest conditions to a show room shine. Let us just say they are strong Race Day fans now!

Below are the results:

Package used:

MotoGP Endurance

Ceramic shielding to protect the bike from reoccurring wear and tear. (Call to schedule)

Ceramic coating on the engine to reduce heat buildup and prevent any grease/grime accumulation (Call to schedule)

Here are the results:


Notice the swirling and the fading in the paint, the motorcycle seems bland and worn.


After our 2 step cyclo-polishing, which includes clay bar and iron decontamination, you will see that the scratches and oxidation are completely gone revealing the bikes’ true beauty and original sparkling paint job. The bike was later encased in a ceramic shell to protect it from every dulling out and being victim to the elements!